domingo, 27 de julio de 2008

Textmining And The Politization of Beatles Lyrics (cont.)

View the previous posts here. In this one, I hear the ideas of a friend about how possibly Paul was more apolitical when written lyrics for the Beatles than John. So I added the results of John Lennon's lyrics and Paul McCartney lyrics to the curves plotted.

This is the result, now I made different plots for each of the two distances tested. Only the albums released before 1987 were included in the experiments.

Remember that we are comparing with the "Politics" article from Wikipedia (permanent link here). Closer to 0.0 means no vocabulary related with Politics article and 1.0 means that the lyrics have exactly the same vocabulary.

Viewing the Jaccard's distance we can observe that after the dissolution of the Beatles, John Lennon has a very political album: "Mind Games". An obvious objection is that this experiments don't consider the metaphorical power of language, only the syntactic content of the lyrics.

In the Sorensen-like distance plot it's observed that Paul is more politically inclined, maybe this has something to do with the size of the lyrics or the number of songs but the is some variation on the size of the album lyrics, Paul has bigger album lyrics.

I very interesting patter is seen on the Paul McCartney lyrics in the Sorensen-like distance plot. Three very similar cycles are observed, maybe this patterns are due to recording contracts requiring 4 albums, but I am just speculating.