domingo, 20 de septiembre de 2009

Basic Lockpicking Kit!

I wanted to introduce myself into the world of physical security! So I bought a basic lockpicking kit at Ekoparty from the guys of TOOOL.
I didn't have anything that can be opened with the kit (it is only useful for classic locks, not lever locks). Then I bought a SilverShadow small lock, 30 mm, to test the kit. This lock is imported by Herralfer S.A. from China.
The surprise is that I only have to use the small lever to open it. This lock don't provide any security at all! You just need to turn the mechanism with something! It even worked with my nail!

Check the photos with the lever, some tension is enough.

Now a photo of my nail opening the lock. No need for the kit today!

Today's moral is that it does not matter the strength of the lock metal, if the mechanism is poor then the lock does not provide security.

I will probably send a complain to the company importing these locks. This is the information if you want to do the same:

Herralfer S.A.
CUIT 30-66108409-6
Carrasco 729/31 (C1407)
Buenos Aires - Argentina
Telefax: (5411) 4139-8978

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