viernes, 6 de agosto de 2010

Logo Plagiarism, Facebook, Currency and New World Order (and Illusions)

We continue these logo plagiarism series with a conspiratorial discovery. In this case we noticed that the World Bank logo is very similar to the logo of the newly 2010 data protocol designed by Facebook to take over the Semantic Web arena: the Open Graph Protocol. Watch it by yourself and analyse it, the message is clear, they want to became the most important World Database. Curiously, at the same time Facebook was presenting the Open Graph Protocol, they were also presenting their Facebook currency. Virtual money to be used in games and possibly everywhere via micropayments and mobile phones. For the sake of irony, both logos are known to produce an optical illusion when seen, famous virtual dots in the line-crossings (grid illusion). Read also about the rest of the Facebook plan: The Future of Facebook.

World Bank Logo (by Anonymous banker)
Open Graph Protocol Logo (by Facebook)

Facebook Currency Logo (a.k.a Credits)